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Local product development and winding road: Focus on the Qinghai native series of reports (I)
發布時間:2009/11/27       點擊率:16316

Local product sales began to popularity

"Chinese caterpillar fungus, snow lotus, beef jerky ... ... In recent years, Qinghai and the local native sales particularly hot." Members of the public to Ms Wang Qing friends from overseas tourists buy souvenirs, choice is a native. And Ms. Wang, as more and more and more local residents to choose a native of Qinghai. Qinghai, a native of water Roadway store owner, said in previous years, they store the goods are mainly sold to the Chinese New Year Qinghai who want to go overseas, sales are very limited. Since the Spring Festival this year, has been sent to the local specialties actually become a fashion, his native store sales, more than double last year.

However, deep processing of small native province, more products are only the raw materials a simple packaging, some products processing enterprises already have, but did not form a large-scale production, production and marketing of native products in the field can not be the same as "bullish."

Development of sales of Chinese caterpillar fungus

There is also the concept of a bottleneck

The native products in this selection, the Cordyceps deserved to be a mind reader, "Qinghai first treasure," many readers regarded their valuable vote to the Cordyceps. But even such a "senior" of the local products, and its deep processing, dredging, marketing and sales can not be optimistic. The product could not rated Qinghai Cordyceps native Libao in one, because it is the high price and deep-processing problems. At present, Qinghai market, the Chinese caterpillar fungus deep processing of products actually much cheaper than the original grass. Though Cordyceps processed through the technology products on the human body to retain more beneficial ingredients, but relatively original grass, the market acceptance is still relatively low. Qinghai Kageteru Biotechnology Limited, Gao Lin said that many people bought the original grass to go back to eat the stew, cook the food, but many people do not understand, the temperature exceeds 70 degrees Celsius, the Chinese caterpillar fungus part of the nutrients will be lost. Cordyceps deep processing will be able to avoid these problems, but many people doubt that processed products: grinding after-loading into the capsule inside who knows what? To this end, they did a trial installation specifically for customers to try. In order to open the market outlets, they also did a small packaging products, and try to buy off the Chinese caterpillar fungus to do some processing residues, these residues off the product price is only the price of the whole root Cordyceps 20% or 30%, but in no way affect product efficacy. Because there is such a market background, although the Chinese caterpillar fungus price rise year after year, although the deep-processed products has been relatively low price, but they do go deep-processing products.

Qinghai yak meat production

There is a tendency to follow suit

According to statistics from related departments of the data show that the province has more than 30 companies involved in deep processing of beef. Qinghai beef jerky in the increasingly rapid development in the enterprise, is more popular in the market just northwest of arrogance, snow-capped mountains, Don Regula, the card less than 10 kinds of Japanese music, etc., then the other more than 20 varieties they go from here out? The relevant parties that follow the trend of the market led to quite a mixed bag of Qinghai beef jerky, to a certain extent, affected the characteristics of beef jerky's steady economic development, and a number of family-run small workshops and small enterprises of the unhealthy competition, leading to the reputation of the Qinghai before the market dried beef are being subjected to the test, but also give consumers the feeling of the smoke and mirrors. Natural Nutritional Food Co., Ltd. Xining Fu-Qing Yu, chairman of the roots of the view that the Qinghai beef jerky is a pure natural, pollution-free green food, nutritional value, and the production of dried beef raw materials are pure yak meat production in Qinghai. In addition, the Qinghai beef jerky in the processing technology is the temperature taken by dehydration, unlike the field to the main high-temperature drying and undermine the nutritional content of meat products. Therefore, beef jerky processing is a simple process, a special meat processing industry, if to go scale, branding, the road of industrialization, it is essential that the departments concerned should promptly guided the small and medium enterprises to establish brand awareness, to prevent companies to follow suit , while beef jerky and tourism market, and build the brand with the Qinghai plateau characteristics.

Editor's Note

2007 The first "plateau Love home ceremony" selected activities came to a close, but the development of Qinghai native products publicity, there is still a long way to go. Through such a selection event, we have seen, Qinghai and not without a good specialty, but without a good sense of Qinghai, Qinghai, native also need well developed, deep processing and advocacy.

Party Secretary Qiang Wei at the provincial 11th Party Congress report said: "Building a prosperous, civilized and harmonious new Qinghai, we need to establish self-confidence, openness, innovation and sense of Qinghai. This is what we seize the opportunities, challenges and speed up Qinghai's development of the spiritual driving force. "Qinghai consciousness manifested in every aspect of brand awareness is one of them. It is only our own brands into the country, to the world, the Qinghai people would be more self-confidence; Qinghai in order to build awareness of the new rich and civilized and harmonious play a greater role in Qinghai.

Qinghai is also good quality of Chinese wolfberry, but not as good as Qinghai, Ningxia wolfberry wolfberry known; Qinghai-called ginseng fruit Juema abound, but only packaging Juema product sales, there is no deep-processing; Qinghai Placenta raw material is good, but not well known; as rhubarb, Rhodiola, saffron, etc., but also a general "Northwest specialty" ... ... Because the concept of relative backwardness, Qinghai has so far failed to form a system of regional brands. In order to mark, for example, the province has so far only "salt bridge" potash, "Snow Boat" three velvet, "mutual assistance" highland barley wine, "Crystal Pearl," Tibetan, "Three Rivers" Tibetan, "Tibetan sheep," rug and other six well-known trademarks, many of Qinghai features superior products at home and abroad have not yet registered trade mark; of resources, for example, the top five advantages of cultural resources in Qinghai Regong --- Culture, Sanjiangyuan culture Hehuang rocks culture, culture and the Kunlun Mountains in Qinghai Lake culture is unique in the country, but the economic and social effects caused by the limited.

In the fierce market competition, Qinghai and the lack of its own brand is still not an indisputable fact. Qinghai, Chinese wolfberry, beef and mutton, Cordyceps sinensis, Kunlun jade and other characteristics of products, and has formed the scale of the "Ramen economy", are generally adopted by other brands to explore the market mode of operation. Although the product has been recognized by the market, but still did not form like "Lanzhou Ramen" "Ningxia wolfberry," Tianjin "18 Street, Gentiana," Beijing "Quanjude roast duck" as well as Inner Mongolia, "Erie" and "Mengniu" as not only has the more competitive, but also enhance the region as a whole known brands. This aspect that the quality of the product in Qinghai compete with the strength of domestic and foreign markets; the other hand, also reflects the brand's competitiveness in the Qinghai disadvantage.

There such a paradox, both historical conditions, market competition and profit-choice result of the interaction of many factors, but also outside of ideological contradictions. Ethnic composition of a number of Qinghai, the minority culture exchanges with the Han culture and the long-term integration, coupled with the demographic composition of migration, forming an open, inclusive and learning of a good strong sense of quality, in response to market competition, easy to work with others good at containing China development, and actively participate in market competition. At the same time, a long time at a low level of economic development, resulting in Qinghai self-identity, Zhang Yang relatively weak sense of individuality, self-promotion of confidence, determination and lack of experience. → Chinese caterpillar fungus called Cordyceps, is a very expensive medicine. As the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau endemic rare wild medicinal resources, Cordyceps sinensis is a parasitic Cordyceps bat moth larvae of the fungus, growing in altitude of 3800-5000 m in alpine meadow zone.

The reason why prices would skyrocket Chinese caterpillar fungus, in addition to the shortage of its resources, the largely over-exaggerated their medicinal function. Studies have shown that Cordyceps has Bufei kidney, heat Huayu, cardiac step-down and other effects, also have to improve the effectiveness of immunity. Medical experts point out that although Chinese caterpillar fungus build up good body immunity role, but its role in the mechanism is very complex, if you want to take one or two Cordyceps let through better health, is impossible.

→ Juema also known as ginseng fruit, far-flung parts of Qinghai. Green South Haibei alpine region root hypertrophy, high yield, good quality. Born in 1700-4300 meters above sea level meadows, river floodplain in the vicinity. It is the root of rich meat, was block-shaped, sweet America. By Shu Lan's Juema fried noodles mixed with butter, both fragrant and sweet, which underwhelmed the whole addition; with dried Juema boil rice porridge, not only increase the viscosity, and taste sweet; to make sweet dishes of fresh Juema, then the color aroma and taste . Potentilla anserina contains vitamins and magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, with higher medical and nutritional value, it has the stomach and Invigorating the Spleen, Shengjinzhike, Qi tonic function, so the old Tibetan called Zhuo Shaseng, often their medicine. Qinghai Juema body round the meat fat, plump grain, color Hongliang, higher yield.

→ Chinese wolfberry medlar is a rare tonic medicine, in Chinese medicine, it is important to the common formula of the product, taste sweet, drug peace, there is nourishing the liver and kidney, the purpose of effect wise. Qaidam Wolfberry particles large full, fleshy and nuclear small, colorful and sweet, with well-known at home and abroad comparable Ningxia wolfberry. → Qilian Mountains in Qinghai Qilian yellow mushroom known as the "Eight," one of Qi Bayue year, the first emerged, golden one, as if scattered in the grasslands of the collections of pearls, with well-known Zhangjiakou Tricholoma comparable. Characterized by low moisture, meat thickness.

→ Rhubarb Rhubarb alias West, generals, Jin-jun, as tall perennial herb. Hypertrophic roots, stems erect, achene 3 prism. Indication: Heat catharsis effect with diarrhea for gastrointestinal excess heat, Ji Zhi, constipation, abdominal fullness or deficiency cold Pi Yang Ji constipation. Consumers carbuncle detoxification efficacy of canker sores for hot, violent red eye pain, sore tongue, gingival swelling, pain, can also be cooling blood to stop bleeding.

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