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Fulcrum to create brand awareness of concerns in Qinghai Qinghai native coverage (Part Two)
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Qinghai News Network News

Qinghai native brands in the building long road, only in the brand to nurture and foster a sense of Qinghai between the mutual promotion and common development in order to birth more brands appear in Qinghai. In the "self-confident, open innovation" under the guidance of the Qinghai sense, we believe, Qinghai native development in the future will be able to brave the storms, out of one of their own branding.

Newspaper launch of the "concerned about the Qinghai native series of reports" on the set of Qinghai awareness, build brands such as Qinghai, a range of issues were discussed. Reports published, whether they are economic experts, government functions and departments, or business people and ordinary people have rushed to the future development of Qinghai native offer advice and suggestions, expressing the deep feelings of Qinghai native and ardent expectations.

Cordyceps boxed Implications

Xining Tamagawa Cordyceps General Manager Baoshun Spring

Bao Shun Chun is to sell into the province of Cordyceps from bare essence the first person to package sales. Since 1988, engaged in foreign trade, the Bao Shun-chun have been liaising with native struck up. At that time, he was in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., primarily business project is the Chinese caterpillar fungus, Tibetan and other native products. Poor circulation due to market, sell models a single, and propaganda of small and other reasons, the company has been losing money. One day in 1992, Bao Shun Chun saw an article on proper way to make money, Sichuan Jiuzhaigou herders reported that the number of herdsmen to 10 Cordyceps beaten up with red rope tied to sell, the original 5 yuan of goods can be sold for 10 yuan . This message gives Baoshun great spring inspired by Chinese caterpillar fungus has been in a state of naked selling, why not refined packaging to the market later? With this idea, Baoshun spring into action immediately, designing and packaging drawings and programs. After some efforts, the first batch of 200 boxes available in Qinghai Cordyceps, Chinese caterpillar fungus pack weight is 20 grams, Bare selling price is 60 yuan, they boldly doubled the price. Later, they produced 7000 boxes Cordyceps market, and soon saw the benefits, the company's business gradually expanded to the whole country followed successively in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places opened sales outlets, not only started the company's reputation, but also increased Cordyceps visibility, economic and social benefits achieved double harvest.

The success of Chinese caterpillar fungus to Baoshun boxed spring is aware that for native development and utilization of resources can no longer remain at the level of selling, breaking ideas, develop new markets, increase product added value and create a native brand is the only way to go in the future .

For native development in our province the status quo, Bao Shun-chun also invariably worries. He said the native resources of our province have obvious advantages, but the formation of industry and become a well-known brands is not much to Chinese caterpillar fungus, for example, despite the province holds 70% of the national resources of Chinese caterpillar fungus, Cordyceps can be a talk about the outside world to know Tibet and more aware of Qinghai, not many. Now, the sale of native products in our province, mostly scattered in small-scale operation, only there are more than 200 specialty stores Cordyceps, Chinese caterpillar fungus, the company nearly 50, while the scale has a certain strength of the local product market competition, few companies. Review and native have come together for 20 years with great anticipation Baoshun spring, said: "In the self-confidence, openness, innovation under the guidance of Qinghai sense, all enterprises achieve powerful alliances to build the Qinghai native branding is no longer far away, I believe that the development of Qinghai native will definitely singing all the way. "

Lack of private enterprise's core competitiveness

Qinghai industrial and commercial associations, chambers of commerce in Qinghai Province Kuang Chung

Native brands in the development of the process, private enterprises have been standing in the forefront of the market and receive the baptism of the market. Today, conservative ideas, innovation is not enough, as well as a lack of brand awareness and other reasons are still restricting the development of private enterprises.

At present, the province engaged in native production and operation of private enterprises, which have already formed a certain scale and influence, but because of the conservative ideas, innovation is not enough, as well as a lack of brand awareness and other reasons, has always been stuck in the small and complete the development of ideas, many Enterprises have a "do not want to do Pteris adorned only willing to do," the idea, resulting in a number of advantages of resource products did not play out the brand. Integration of resources to carry out mergers and acquisitions is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises had an effective way, but a number of private enterprises in our province just be satisfied with chipping away the income, when they integrate a connection with the merger, forming a result of internal conflicts, it is difficult the formation of strong alliance situation. For example, the production of Tibetan medicine in our province, although the manufacturer has more than 30 years, but all sales together make up more than being Tibetan, but a strange, mainly because they did not support the brand. From a practical point of view, to change the status quo that also need a process, and private enterprises begin to realize changes in the concept, realizing the importance of core competitiveness; followed by long-term strategic goals should be to change in the operations and implementation of strategies to go step by step look at the practices and can not do anything to make money, only to know "What should I do," do not know, "I can do," get rid of impetuosity, blind expansion, Tantaiqiuquan. At the same time, we must pay attention to enterprise system and management, market-based instruments, production techniques and other aspects of innovation, and build distinctive corporate culture, so as to cultivate and enhance their core competitiveness.

Brand must first establish brand awareness

Vice president of Qinghai Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Sun Fa-Ping

At the provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei of the 11th Party Congress report that the building of the new Qinghai rich and civilized and harmonious, we need to establish self-confidence, openness, innovation and sense of Qinghai. This is for our future excavation brand, establish a brand and protect the brand has pointed out a shortcut.

Based on realistic and comply with the requirements of the times, in the process of building the Qinghai native brand, we must first fully understand the Qinghai Qinghai brand awareness and the relationship between. First of all, Qinghai Qinghai is to create awareness of the brand leader. Today, Haier said, people think of Qingdao; said Wuliangye, people associate it with the Yibin; Speaking of Chinese caterpillar fungus, people think of Tibet; Speaking of Chinese wolfberry, Ningxia People think ... ... It is not only a reflection of the social value of the brand, but also the brand manifestation of consciousness. The reason why our province like this can represent a lack of Qinghai, Qinghai famous brands, apart from historical conditions, market competition and profit-choice result of the interaction of many factors, but also outside the ideological contradictions of the results of the final analysis, is the lack of self-awareness guidance. Second, the Qinghai Qinghai brand is the carrier of consciousness. In the current fierce market competition, due to the lack of its own brand of Qinghai, Qinghai and the formation of a lack of awareness of favorable carrier. Although the native resources of our province have obvious advantages, but a long time, most of the resources still in the selling of resources, unsustainable, low-value, low value-added dimension of a standstill, some resources in the province a minor celebrity, but in other provinces unknown, even to the name of someone else's banner into the market, reason is the lack of brand awareness with a great relationship.

The good news is, the Government, under the guidance of today's Qinghai people have realized that the introduction of green contact will, of Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race, the Qinghai Tibetan Carpet International Exhibition, China's Qinghai Tulip Festival, Cultural Tourism Festival Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival and a series of activities in order to build the Qinghai brand, build awareness of Qinghai provide a good platform and carrier. In the long run, any kind of native products of the brand has a long-term nurturing and development process, can not be done overnight, Qinghai and the formation of consciousness also requires a lengthy process.

In the "self-confident, open innovation" under the guidance of Qinghai consciousness, we have reason to believe that in the future there will be more and more native brands come to the fore in Qinghai, Qinghai native brands will be able to set sail in a market economy Profound Accumulation tide.

Qinghai native Introduction (3)

→ Qinghai yak yak whip endemic species lives and breeds in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau over 5,000 meters above sea level among the snow-covered mountains, known as "the plateau of the boat" in the world. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at an average elevation of over 3,000 meters, has a unique geographical environment and ecological environment. Yak in this unique natural, pure, without any man-made pollution of the state of growth, the free Gengjian feed a variety of unique Tibetan Plateau alpine plants. These two characteristics determine the Qinghai-Tibet yak whip produced by dry good quality, superior taste, nourishing role of the world is acknowledged worldwide.

Edible Methods: Bullwhip dry place insulation device using water immersion until after the full launch with a variety of cooked poultry meat into fine cuisine, or soup, porridge, etc. can also be directly Paojiu.

→ Liu, also known as green cauliflower fungus, growing at an altitude of about 3,000 meters willow and birch forests in the trunk of wild fungi. Secheng light green (dry goods), or grass green (also with water), shaped like ears. Liu Cauliflower is rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements, nutrient-rich, smooth waxy texture and delicious, high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, hemorrhoids can help cure diseases such as the role.

Edible Methods: About 30 g dry materials can be mixed with a cold dish (wet and dry than 1 in 6), according to the ratio of 5, plus more than 100 edible alkali 5 minutes in boiling water, cook, wash after salad, fried.

→ land vegetable also known as Hypericum, lichens, ground fungus. Qinghai villagers used to call it "ground soft-child" is a combination of fungi and algae. Land vegetable protein-containing 13% -18%, sugar 4% -6%, 13% -15% inorganic salts, crude fiber 1% -4%. In addition, it also contains a variety of vitamins and phosphorus, zinc, calcium minerals. Hectogram dry calcium 406 mg, 290 mg of iron, more than twice as high fungus content, nourishing and extremely beneficial to the human body iron. Land is a kind of gourmet cuisine, the most suitable for soup a distinctive flavor, but also salad or stew burned, but also cold foods.

→ medusa "Shame grass of associating with the congregation, Dr Ting-Ting Fang-independence! Why not reward Come by to man, the poor mountain valley commissioned Frost?" More than a thousand years ago, Tang Dynasty, once the Border Poets of singing medusa. Snow lotus, also known as snow lotus, a pass through the effect of promoting blood circulation, mainly in Xinjiang, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau area. Across the central part of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, Bingfeng Setsurei winding stretching, elevation 4,000 meters above the snow-belt, known as the snow line, snow lotus grows in the snow line on the elevation of 3000-4000 m below the cliffs. As the growth of the special circumstances of Saussurea three to five years to bloom, is a difficult artificial cultivation of rare Chinese herbal medicines. (Author: Sulong)

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