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Five Golmud in the halal food exhibition native merchants concerned about the subject
發布時間:2009/12/6       點擊率:15469

Qinghai News Network News November 2, Golmud produced Purple garlic, potatoes, White lettuce, barley, Chinese wolfberry and so on, in 2007 China (Qinghai) International Halal Food and Products Fair booth appearance, much concerned about the domestic and foreign businessmen.

Produced in the lattice City grad Township, Purple garlic evenly, taste good, big grad township big plump barley grain, quality good, gol de town of White wood large thin lettuce, special treatment for urt Ren Xiang sand fire potatoes taste sweet, Qaidam Basin, Chinese wolfberry high nutritional value, these products are in high-altitude, pollution-free environment, growth, become the Golmud-known native products are exported to Lanzhou, Xi'an and Lhasa and other places. With these specialties, Golmud fragrant spring grain and oil companies as the source Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the only exhibitors participated in the 2007 China (Qinghai) International Halal Food and Products Fair.

Iran, Iraq and other countries of the merchants on the quality of Chinese wolfberry and Purple garlic is very interested in the detailed inquiries about the advantages of these agricultural products and prices, and the Golmud-Xiang source of grain and oil companies have initial spring letter of intent. (Author: Chen Jun)

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