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Rhubarb Tibetan capillaris wear "casual clothes" meat and potatoes of the Qinghai native became the
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Qinghai News Network News you know? Rhubarb and sea-buckthorn can do chewing gum, Saussurea and possession of capillaris could be made into tea! July 23, the author: Bio-Tech Industrial Park at the Exhibition Center to see the treasure of these native products made with the Qinghai health snack foods. The birth of these foods is the Qinghai specialty sales market competition results. In recent years, our province's unique natural cultural landscape attracts thousands of tourists to sightseeing, summer recreation. Will play out with some friends and family gifts, beef jerky, Chinese caterpillar fungus, wolfberry and other native products has always been the best choice for tourists. At the same time, due to native processing process is simple, the market access threshold is low, large and small, local product processing enterprises came into being, native selling products on the market of varying quality. The face of brutal competition, has started to sell local products of the Qinghai Qinghai treasure Resources Ltd. chairman Meng Qinghai feel, in order to survive in this business a long time, we must take the road of scientific and technological innovation, making high value-added specialty Qinghai.

Native of experience have taught for many years operated Meng Qinghai know, Qinghai specialty non-polluting, has a very high health-care capabilities, we are recognized, but the snow lotus, Rhodiola, Chinese caterpillar fungus and other native food is often inconvenient. For example, many people drink with Rhodiola flood damage, so the body can only absorb a few nutrients, most of the nutrients have been wasted. Discovered this, Qing-Hai Meng decided to use the scientific processing methods so that these native products into natural health food, so, rhubarb chewing gum, snow lotus tea, and other new products come out.

From simple to today's science and technology resources, sales operations, Qinghai Booty Resources Ltd. growing. Qing-Hai Meng also the experience from other tourist cities in the enterprises to set up a treasure Exhibition Center, visitors can buy various types of Qinghai specialty manufacturers. Bio-industrial park vehicles, fewer large tracts of open land just as a tourist bus stop where treasure Exhibition Center is now receiving a lot of tourists every day, companies realized the integration of production and sales.

Now, Qinghai Booty Resources Ltd. to produce the three major categories more than 70 kinds of products, native products account for only a very small part of the newly developed product gross profit of up to 30%, this has brought considerable business Meng Qinghai economic benefits. At the same time, Chinese caterpillar fungus tea, rhubarb chewing gum, freeze-dried yogurt and other products has become the enterprise's patented product, Booty became the province's famous trademark. (Author: flowers lofty)

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