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A rich variety of native products online sales into supermarkets in Qinghai
發布時間:2009/12/22       點擊率:16524

Qinghai News Network News yak meat, Cordyceps has always been proud of Qinghai native people. With the vigorous development of the tourism market, in the past only in order to enjoy the characteristics of Qinghai food tsampa, Shouzhua mutton, also packing a new access to major shops and stores selling.

"The early 90s, I was in Shanghai to study, then, is the most want to eat lamb clutch home. But the meat can not post, family give me a send beef jerky. From the post office out of the way I have been eating beef jerky, back to school, teeth had been acid-trapped, what Douyao not move. "supermarket to buy things Dolma is embarrassed laugh," went to Beijing to see a friend, I deliberately into the store to buy, is to make my friends try Qinghai clutch lamb, really good to eat. "

In addition to clutch mutton, yak ribs, a variety of flavors stewed yak meat, butter and other packaged specialty have become Qinghai native of new members. Mall sales staff said that these goods from the shelves last year after another, has been selling well. Happily, Qinghai native is not only enriched, but also can be purchased online.

If Taobao search for "Qinghai tsampa" or "butter" in the words, you will find the appropriate products, some sellers of the transaction records show that these native has attracted many netizens eye. "Tsampa of eating simple, put some butter in the bowl and rushed into the milk or boil tea, added after the noodles by hand stirring until the noodles and tea, butter fully integrated, can Yong Shounie into a group, can be eaten. "Sellers are on the page describes the introduction of related products, nutritional analysis, and eat and so on. If User intends to purchase, you can communicate with online payment, shipped within 24 hours. Internet sales have enabled native Qinghai go more convenient and farther. (Author: flowers lofty)

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